Purchasing a Band Instrument

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  With the end of the current school year in sight, parents are starting their search for band instruments for summer and fall band programs. You can choose to rent your instrument (check out the rentals tab for more information) or purchase it outright. If you are unfamiliar with brand names I want to warn you STRONGLY against purchasing an instrument off of the internet without consulting a repair tech or the student’s instructor. Sometimes instruments purchased off the internet will cost less upfront, but the maintenance required on these substandard instruments can be very expensive. For trombone and trumpet...

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Instrument Finishes

  Instrument Finishes-   After a bit of research, most of the world seems to be on the same page when it comes to how different finishes can affect your sound. Of course your finish is only a small piece of the sound puzzle, it DOES affect the tone. This applies to drums, acoustic guitars, electric (in some cases) guitars, violins and other stringed instruments as well.   The general rule is this-the thicker and stiffer the finish, the more muffled the sounds produced. This is because the thicker/stiffer the finish is the more it prevents the wood from vibrating...

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The Necessity of Guitar Humidifiers

 Consumers are often wary of add-on sales whenever they purchase anything major (a guitar for example) because they are often not necessary. I can tell you, like I tell every single customer that goes home with an acoustic guitar, to please please please buy a humidifier.They are relatively inexpensive (Planet Waves makes some AWESOME ones for $15.99-34.99) and will absolutely save the life of your guitar. In colder climates such as our own relative humidity can vary from 100% down to 20% or less and most guitar manufacturers recommend storing your guitars at 45%. Huge swings in humidity can cause...

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Fantastic product-guitar polishing system

  Planet Waves (which is a fantastic company by the way) always has these really cool innovative new products out every year and every time I use this product I'm floored by how awesome it is. When a customer has to leave their guitar at our store for a repair I usually polish it up nicely before giving it back to them as a little thank you, and I used to just use regular guitar polish for this. Guitar polish works nicely but is always a little bit greasy and is smudged the second you touch your guitar (those of...

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