The Benefits of Joining Band

Liz Weddle

Half way through eighth-grade my mom persuaded me to join band. I can honestly say I was quite nervous going into it but that was only because I joined so late. Now that I'm a part of the High School band, I can look back and say that joining was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Being a part of a big group that has to work together to achieve their goal, has really taught me a lot.

  1. Band has taught me how to take charge. My first couple of years in band I was very timid and wouldn't do anything unless I was told to. But now that I'm a junior, I've become more assertive and now do my best to help others figure out what to do. By taking up this leadership role, not only do I have to decide what's the best way for me to contribute, but I have to tell others how they can as well. I've even seen this start to effect my life outside of band. I don't second guess myself as frequently and as a result have become much more decisive.
  2. Band helped me become more confident. Before I joined, I hated being in front of an audience. Now that I have five or six performances every year, I have to get over that fear. Of course I still get butterflies in my stomach before a big performance, but I'm nowhere near as afraid as I used to be. And now that I'm getting over that fear, I've noticed I'm getting better at talking in general. I'm still awkward but I'm learning, and I definitely feel like band deserves the credit.
  3. Joining band helps you make friends. Just like anything, there will always be exceptions, but most band kids are going to be the nicest kids in your school. Maybe it's the mutual love of music, or just the amount of time you spend together, but I doubt there is an easier place to make friends in school. You'll start by getting to know your section, and then slowly, you'll expand to knowing your whole band. Having to work together to achieve that common goal really helps the group come together. And knowing that many people really helps to make sure you'll never be without someone to sit by.
  4. Last but not least, band helps you learn to work together. When playing in a band, whether it be small or large, you have to constantly be listening to everyone else. If you're a little out of tune or a little too loud or even a little off time, it will affect the entire performance. By practicing together and listening to each other, you become a team and learn to use each other's skills to create the best performance.

Although I've only listed four ways band has helped me, there are countless reasons I'm glad I joined band and if you join you'll probably find your own reasons as well. And don't forget that being in a group like band would always look good on a college resume.

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