Fender Rumble Bass Amplifiers

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Rumble is back, and this time, it’s serious.

Rumble has returned in style, with a classic Fender look and an even bolder attitude. They’re lighter. They’re louder. But best of all, they’ve been re-engineered from the ground up. With all-new features such as upgraded speakers and drivers on select models, and an even wider selection of heads, speaker cabinets and combos, Rumble amplifiers are a stage-ready solution for the working player as well as a go-to option for home rehearsal.

Experience a mighty leap forward in the evolution of portable bass amps. This is the definition of pure solid-state perfection—rugged, resonant and ready for anything.


Take Rumble anywhere—on the road, on tour and beyond—thanks to convenient weight-reducing features, lightweight plywood enclosures and magnetic head attachment systems.


The Rumble range offers 15 to 500 watts of uncompromising power, along with upgraded Eminence speakers for thunderous low end.


Bright and articulate thump, warm vintage tones and overdrive that goes from gritty to fully distorted in second. With redeveloped circuitry and voicing options on select models, it’s all within the realm of possibility.

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